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Hi, I'm Julia!


Who dis?

I'm a Swiss experience designer with a passion for cats, food and sports. Before my design studies I worked as nursing assistent in different parts of Switzerland. Because of my intense work with humans, my design is human centered. 

Outside of my professional pursuits, I am passionate about swimming, fitness, travel, culinary experiences, and music. These interests not only provide a well-rounded life experience but also continually fuel my creativity and inspiration in design.

Work mentality

At the heart of my professional ethos lies a profound belief in the power of collaboration and the effectiveness of delegation. I understand that the best designs emerge from a symphony of diverse voices and skills. For me, every project is a collaborative journey where team members, stakeholders, and clients come together to share ideas, perspectives, and expertise.


In my role as a UX Designer and Digital Ideation expert, I skillfully apply a range of design tools, including Adobe Suite, Figma, Blender, Unity, and ArchiCad, to craft visually compelling and precise designs. My foundation in Spatial Design and Digital Ideation shapes my approach to integrating functionality with creativity in design projects.

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