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Design Schenken 2022


The Spatial Design course raised money for the children‘s charity Kovive at Design Schenken 2022 with a sustainable Advent wreath. The A(R)dvent con- sisted of a vegan gingerbread cookie with a QR code on the back. Scanning the QR code led to an Instagram filter, which used image tracking to show a photogrammetric AR model of an Advent wreath on the front of the gingerbread.Through a digital twin of a physical Advent wreath, many people were able to experience an Advent moment. By sharing the A(R)dvent Moment on Instagram, people participated in a contest.


Concept idea together with K. Marek and J. Fischbacher

Spatial Design, HSLU D&K, 2022


Quick & Dirty Prototyping

Quick and dirty prototyping with Adobe Aero revolutionizes the 'Designschenken' project, allowing for rapid, intuitive creation of AR experiences. This approach accelerates design iteration, fostering immediate feedback and innovative solutions, perfectly aligning with the project's dynamic and creative ethos.



The four fields of study Spatial Design,Textildesing, XS Jewelry and Object Design offered objects at the DesignSchenken 2022. In order to appear coherent as a university, the exhibition concept „Christmas Morning Vibes“ was developed. With recycled fabric we created an abstracted snow landscape, which showed elements matching the study programs. For example, Textile Design sold pajamas together with Calida, so they got an abstracted bed to present the pajamas.

Concept idea together with K. Marek and J. Fischbacher

Spatial Design, HSLU D&K, 2022

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